This Week in Periscope – Episode July 2016

TWIP Episode July 2016: In this episode you will find first time Periscope Interviews that help us define what SEO is. So here’s what you came here for… The First Interviews in this Week in Periscope: (please be kind)

July 29 interviews: Big shoutouts for Jeff and Stephen at Venture Icon Media

This interview is great. Adam calls himself a Performance Based PR (Content Marketer) – I love this guy!

My very first interview began this week at the Corporate Alliance Building in Provo

Interview 2-3 is at Rocco’s in Provo

On Thursday at Corporate Alliance in Provo, I was able to get 3 interviews. Thanks to all.

There you have the first addition of TWIP by Mark Herre at SEOgame. I hope you enjoyed them.