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SEO Video Game Plan


See Pricing Plan for Competitive Keywords: (90-day Process)
Starts at $199.

  • competitive city DUI Lawyer -See eg. here>>>
  • competitive city DUI Attorneys
  • DUI Lawyer in competitive city
  • garage door repair competitive city
  • competitive city personal injury lawyers
  • Possession of competitive keyword
  • possession of competitive keyword city(ies)
  • non-competitive city dry cleaners
  • non-competitive city dry cleaning

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*Non-competitive keywords take a few weeks to rank while competitive keywords take 60-90-days. Both plans consist of 5-keywords per video.
We expect to get all 5-keywords ranked!

What do you pay Google for PPC?
Could be $1000/mo for 1-keyword!
Avg Competitive PPC cost= $50


The Good News... #1 VSEO ranking = $0/click

We expect to get all 5-keywords ranked #1 under our VSEO plans so you don't have to pay!