Businesses in 2017 that Need SEO the Most: 100+ Case-Studies

Need Leads?
Suppose you wanted to start cold calling tomorrow to sell your SEO services or wanted to contact more industries that need your digital marketing services, what kind of businesses should you target? For example, PI lawyers vs. HVAC plumbers or should you take on an E-commerce website or target SEO for startups…

Any advice would be appreciated, right?

2017 Businesses that Need SEO the MostBest advice for your SEO firm to these questions: What Industries Benefit Most from SEO? …for Local SEO? …for e-commerce SEO? …for startups that need to target SEO?

See 100+ case-studies: Keyword Research for Local SEOfor Startupsfor E-commerce

General Answer: Stick with businesses that give their customers repeat business like dentists, insurance, etc. These are more willing to invest in your digital marketing services because they get a customer for life and understand their ROI. Next, convince them to invest in YOU!

Happy SEO Predictions Anniversary!

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Keyword Research for Local SEO

Apostille Canada Screencast
Apostille Los Angeles Screencast
Architects in SLC & LA Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Assisted Living in Albuquerque Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Auto Body Repair in SLC Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Auto Body Shops in SoCal Screencast
Auto Detailing Tampa Screencast
Auto Insurance Spanish Fork UT Screencast
Auto Repair Salt Lake City Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Bali Vacations Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Bookkeeper Tax Preparation in Atlanta Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Car Accident Chiropractor in Dallas Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Car Accident Lawyer Dallas Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Car Insurance in Utah Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Catering in Lehi Screencast
CFO Consulting Services Utah Screencast
Chiropractors in American Fork or Orem Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Chronic Pain Treatment (Idaho) CaseStudy
Coding Bootcamp UT Screencast
Computer Repair in Orange County Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Custom Home Plans Utah Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Customer Service Call Center CaseStudy
Dealership Honda Myrtle Beach Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Dealership Hyundai Jackson Screencast
Dealership Indianapolis Nissan Screencast
Dealership Marketing (not local) Screencast
Dealership Used Cars in SC Screencast
Dealership Volkswagen Myrtle Beach Screencast
Dentists in Los Angeles Screencast Youtube  CaseStudy
Dentists in El Paso Screencast
Dentists in Moreno Valley CA Screencast CaseStudy
Dentists in Murray Utah Screencast
Dentists in Orem UT Screencast
Dentists Payson, UT Screencast
Dermatologist & Hair Transplant in LA Screencast
Dermatologist in San Francisco Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Divorce Lawyers Lincoln NE Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Drug Rehab Centers in Florida Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
DUI Attorney in Fairfax Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Dumpster Rental in Indianapolis Screencast
Employment Lawyer UT Screencast
Fence Companies in Seattle Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Flooring Installation LA CaseStudy
Furnished Apartments Cincinnati Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Garage Door Repair in Plano Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Graphic Designer Chicago CaseStudy
Hair Salons in Boston Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Hair Transplant in San Jose Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Heater Repair NJ Screencast
Heating and Cooling Salt Lake City Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Heating and AC in Philadelphia Screencast
Home Health Care in Boise Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Home Security Salt Lake City Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Homes for Sale in Pittsburgh Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Hospitality Services in South Florida Screencast
Hotels in Raleigh NC Screencast
Hotels in St. George, UT Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Hotels in Santa Barbara Screencast
Hotels in Wildwood NJ Screencast
Insurance Attorney SF and California Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Investment Property Detroit Screencast
Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental Indianapolis Screencast
Junk Removal in South Florida Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Liability Insurance in Utah Screencast
Limo Service Clearwater FL Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Locksmiths in Brooklyn Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Outdoor Weddings Minneapolis Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Pawn Shops in Minneapolis Screencast
Personal Injury Attorney Santa Barbara Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Personal Trainers & Gyms in West Chester Screencast
Photo Booth Rental Utah Screencast
Piano NYC Screencast
Plumber Fairfax Screencast
Plumbers in Nampa ID Screencast
Plumbers in Staten Island Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Plumbers Edmonton Canada Screencast
Pool Builders in Houston Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
PR Firms in Florida Screencast
Printing Companies Utah Screencast
Printing Services Utah Screencast
Property Management (Rentals) Screencast
Property Management Gainesville FL Screencast
Property Management in SLC Screencast CaseStudy
Property Management Orange County Screencast
Protection Dogs for Sale (Florida) Screencast
Real Estate in Lake Norman Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Roof Repair Houston Screencast
Roof Repair Randallstown MD Screencast
Roofers Kansas City Screencast
Roofing Chicago Screencast
Roofing Companies in Salt Lake Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Security Guard Training in NYC Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Self Publishing Companies (not local) Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Solar Contractors in Santa Rosa Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Day Spas in San Francisco Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Storage Units in Pensacola Screencast
Tax Preparation in Sunnyvale GA Screencast
Translation Services (not local) Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Urgent Care Dallas Screencast
Utah National Park Guided Tours CaseStudy
Vacation Rentals (Kauai real estate) Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Volleyball Camps in Utah Screencast
Wedding Reception Centers Utah County Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
Wedding Venues in SLC CaseStudy
Window Replacement Austin Screencast
Zion National Park Hotels Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
More being added daily. Come back!
Utah Homes for Sale Screencast
Laundromat San Antonio Screencast
Corpus Christi RV Parks Screencast
Web Design San Antonio Screencast
Boat Storage Corpus Christi Screencast
Used Office Furniture San Antonio Screencast
Event Planners NYC Screencast
Marketing Agencies in Utah Screencast
Modeling Agencies in Detroit Screencast
Siding & Rain Gutters SLC Screencast
Testosterone Replacement Tampa Screencast
Youth Mental Health Utah Screencast



Keyword SEO Research for Startups

Brain Training Screencast
Brain Training Part2 Screencast
Chocolate Protein Bars Screencast
Club Dresses Screencast
Custom Printed Sneakers Screencast
Data Security Solutions Screencast
Direct to VM or Voicemail Drop Marketing Screencast
Document Translation Services CaseStudy
Ecommerce Shipping Solutions Screencast
Home Monitoring Energy, Solar Panel Monitoring Screencast
Hospital Labor Benchmarks
Solutions (Youtube)
Instant Adhesive Screencast
Insurance Outsourcing Screencast
LDS Tours & Cruises Screencast
Mattress Reviews Screencast
MLM Software (Youtube) Screencast
New Mattresses, Box Bed
Companies like Casper
Online Whiteboards for Collaboration Screencast
Pharmacy Discount Card Screencast
Pre Purchase Car Inspection like Carfax Screencast
Product Sourcing Companies Screencast
Truck Driver Recruitment Screencast
Screened Porches & Enclosures Screencast
Singles Vacations Screencast
Subscription Box for Organic Food Screencast
Subscription Boxes Screencast
Translating Services Screencast
Sell My Home Screencast
Usenet Search Screencast
Voice Mail Marketing Screencast
Smart Energy Meter Screencast
Concrete Products Screencast



Keyword Research for E-commerce SEO

360 Video Production & Whiteboard Animation Screencast
Baby Hats Screencast
Banding Machines CaseStudy
Brain Supplements Screencast
Breast Milk Online Screencast
Butt Enhancement Cream Screencast
Copper Weathervane and Cupolas CaseStudy
Crossbows for Sale CaseStudy
Diploma Frames Screencast
e-Learning Solutions Screencast
Granite Sinks (Screencast) CaseStudy
Mini Trampolines Screencast
Motorcycle Pants CaseStudy
Online Tutoring Screencast
Paleo Protein Powder Screencast
RIP Ammo (Tacops & Accessories) Screencast
Salesforce Consultant Screencast
Sell Cakes Online Youtube
Skin Care Coconut Oil, Blackhead Masks Screencast
Solar Panel Mounts Screencast
Steel Windows, Metal Windows & Doors Screencast
Surgical Equipment CaseStudy
Medical Equipment Repair & Equipment Screencast
Humic Acid Supplements Screencast
Shilajit Supplements Screencast
Womens Flats, Pumps, Boots Screencast
Travel Guitars Screencast
Retro Chaise Lounge Chairs Screencast
Action Cameras Screencast
Dry Mouth Treatment Products Screencast


Currently there are over 175+ industries and business type case studies. We’ll be adding more until January 2017 so come back.

Appendix: 1) Download excel files of all the cities in US, Canada
2) Download PDF of all the hundreds of possible local categories from A-Z (Accident Attorneys to Zoos).
3) Request your customized keyword discovery CaseStudy.
4) Behind the scenes Series of video tutorials at YouTube for tips & tricks on how to get the most of keyword discovery and link building strategies. HREFs is a dashboard panel success to keyword discovery and link building tips & tricks SEOgame manages for your account. Discover hidden features and see demos of case studies that you haven’s seen anywhere else or figure out on your own. Series of 4-7 minute video tutorials:

Four SEO tasks to automate: rank tracking, new & lost backlinks, brand mentions
(Marketers are always looking for ways to automate tasks to make their life easier.)

How to find your low-hanging traffic opportunities from selecting the best keywords using AI.
(If you want more traffic to your website, the quickest way to get it is to look for a low-hanging fruit. Discover a quick and easy solution that can give you a nice traffic boost without a ton of work!)

How to discover and replicate the best backlinks of your competitors.
(It can be really challenging to get backlinks that would put your site in the top 10 of search engines. But it would be so much easier if you could peek behind the curtain at the pages that now rank at the top 10 for your desired keyword and see all the backlinks that help them rank there!)

How to “steal” organic search traffic from your competitors.
(Coming up with ideas for winning content is hard! So why would you want to brainstorm article ideas and invest the time to write them when you have no idea whether they’ll rank in Google or not? A better plan is to look at your competitors’ winning content and try to outperform it!)

How to find powerful keywords that are easy to rank for.
(Eager to learn more about some amazing keyword opportunities that your competitors might not even know about yet? Discover how to find some easy keywords that you can potentially rank for within a month or two.)

Come back, we’ll be adding more and thanks for checking out the training videos that help you get more traffic from Google.