What Fuels Lead Generation for Your SEO firm?

Generating Leads for YOUR SEO Using SEMrush

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lead gen for seo firm
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My Endorsement to Grow YOUR SEO Company: Out of the many SEO lead generation tools, SEMrush leads the pack, that Fuels Lead Generation for MY SEO Company – Mark Herre, CEO of SEOgame

Along with this endorsement to grow your SEO, my daughter Lauren (who is poised for greatness), produces the majority these fantastic reports and can do this for you at a Fiverr of a cost. (Click Here to see her new Fiverr Gig that offers 20 SEMrush Reports for SEO Lead Generation!)

I’m Confident that Competitive Keyword Research Will Light a Fire under YOUR Digital Marketing Firm and Your SEO Sales Will Ignite!

Let me know if you have any questions regarding SEMrush and their artificial intelligence lead generation tool and the reports that costs only $5 on FiverrON A PERSONAL NOTE: I have an alternate service that is FREE (using human intelligence) that provides you with (Private-label) or CUSTOMIZED competitive keyword research analysis and ranking for any website:

I understand that as an SEO marketer or Digital Marketing Agency, you must first start with a keyword audit in order to discover the TROPHY KEYWORDS. Once the report is generated then send it to them and contact them…If you do this the competition will not be able to audit your current customers and steal them away right from under your nose. NOTE: I’m going to write a book very soon titled: SEOProtection101: Competition Security
Disclaimer 101: Your competition preys on your SEO clients night & day using keyword audits and other nefarious ways. They may even wear whiter-hats than you! Secure & Protect your client’s safety and address their SEO Trophy keywords ASAP. Pre-order your book today!

Request Now (PRIVATE-LABEL) keyword research analysis & ranking report and I’m confident that this one-Page report will sell for you so that you can GROW!

Email mark@seogame.com or call 801-921-3625 to discuss your private-label concerns such as lead-gen, keyword research analysis audits to sell more seo and NDAs.

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Case Study: How I Built a 7 Figure SEO Agency Using SEMrush Data to Land Big Clients

Justin started off just taking anyone [as a client] and everyone he could. However, he eventually wanted to narrow in on some bigger opportunities. When attempting to land big clients for your agency, information is key. SEMrush has been a key asset more than a few times in their rise to a 7 figure agency. Click to Review the SEMrush process.

Build your agency with keyword research using SEMrush

Start with a Google search for the keyword you are interested in. Let’s use the example: attorney…

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