Tips for Success: Google Keyword Tool for Advance Users

After twenty years of producing keyword research and developing discovery reports for clients using the Google Keyword Tool, I occasionally get stumped. Understand, it’s not the tool but the website’s keywords even after using SEMrush and other AI tools.

If you find yourself stuck, go to the client and drill them with two big questions.

For an eCommerce website ask the client: What products sell and generate the most return on your investment and second, what sits on the shelf collecting the most dust?

Let’s start with the first. What products do you sell that generate the most ROI?

advanced techniques Google Keyword ToolIn most cases, I find it equally challenging to optimize a large ticket item as I would for a common item you can find at a Walmart. As for the common items, generally, you will find larger numbers in search traffic but fewer margins for each item sold.

In the case of eCommerce websites, let’s use an example of one that I worked on recently were the client was selling cross-bows. Cross-bow keywords could be very challenging, so the research should be as specific as possible to match the client’s content on the website. Before you start implementing keywords on the website find out from the client first what type of cross-bows are hot items this season and the next. Which sell the most and which give you the most ROI. The client should know something about this; you are only their webmaster and are not aware to all aspects to the industry. Once you talk to the client find out which product of cross-bows or other accessories to they have the most of. Ask them this question: Which product do you want to move the most of this season based on your inventory?

Unless we are able to have access to their warehouses, we cannot possibly know how to help our clients without asking them these two most important questions to help optimize their website to the fullest extent.

Finally, the last step to take if you are stumped is call a friend or an SEO expert. Chances are if you talk with a seasoned veteran in SEO, they will give you a good list of keywords to help you design and develop. They are anxiously awaiting your call or email.

For hard case SEO discovery reports, there are several chances that those keywords have been extracted out in a case study similar that your competitor has already done. Just check out the following 20-40 keyword researched reports here broken into two categories:

See top keyword discovery case studies for local websites and if you are web designer ask yourself this question: What are the best keywords to research when preparing to offer or execute SEO for a local business?

See top keyword discovery case studies for eCommerce development and ask yourself this question: What are the best keywords to research when preparing or executing SEO on an eCommerce website?

If you don’t see your website category in the list of 20-40, why don’t you ask us to custom produce a keyword analysis and discovery report?

Or, try our free keyword discovery tool on the top of our home page.

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